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What We Do

Connecting Our Community to the Classroom

The Woodland Hills Foundation is an independent non-profit organization and a proponent of public education, specifically the Woodland Hills School District. Our mission is to support the Woodland Hills School District and our communities by strengthening the educational experience of our children. We work to fill gaps in public education funding, focus on community building and volunteerism, and help to set the stage for secondary education aspirations.

Our work is made possible by grassroots community backing which allows the foundation to invest in the Woodland Hills School district through scholarships, mini-grants, our "Dream Book",  fundraising events and community events through our H.U.G.S. program.


The Woodland Hills Foundation is dedicated to building internal organizational excellence with the primary emphasis placed on quality external support to the Woodland Hills School District for student achievement. Additionally, the foundation is committed to developing a quality staff that builds school and community support and citizen involvement.

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