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Fund a Dream

Funding a Dream Book Dream

Teachers and staff throughout Woodland Hills School District are invited to apply for "Dreams" for equipment and supplies that would enhance the teaching and learning experiences in Woodland Hills.

Unlike other websites, the Foundation does not charge a fee for these services and does not take a percentage of the dollars raised. 100% of your donation will go toward your selected Dream.

The Foundation also promotes Dreams on our website, social media pages and E-Newsletter.

Teachers/staff also have the ability to share their "Dreams" with friends and community members on their own social media pages/email links, etc.

To Fund a Dream, simply choose the Dream you would like to fund below.  You'll be taken to our online donation portal where you can make a payment with a credit or debit card.

Donations are accepted by check via snail mail (click here to download our Dream Maker Form)

Note: If funding for an individual Dream surpasses the goal for that Dream, funds will be earmarked to be used towards the funding of other Dreams.

All Dreams are currently funded! Check back soon for more Dreams which will need your support!

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