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The mission of the Foundation is to support the Woodland Hills School District and its communities by strengthening the educational experience of our children. 


Since merging with the Woodland Hills Academic Foundation, the Foundation can now claim a combined existence since 1999. The combined Foundation is an even stronger impassioned team of parents, community and business leaders, and educators who live and work in Woodland Hills communities.


Core Beliefs



Public education is the single-most important institution and a vital part of the community fabric. Identifying and delivering improvement opportunities not just for students but for faculty and staff is foundational – we can only develop world class students with world class faculty and staff.

Why Are We So Passionate?

It is important to understand that Woodland Hills supports students across the complete spectrum of socio-economic, ethnic and learning abilities, which requires more robust programming. Add the fact that state and federal funding is decreasing; there are new requirements from unfunded government-mandated testing; and the population continues to decline as families move further out decreasing the tax revenue…All this results in a challenging situation for public school districts like ours.


The Foundation can change all of that, with our commitment — and your help — we can support the new Woodland Hills School District leaders to be successful in their vision…after all, it’s the same as ours. We want every child to learn at the highest levels possible, not just at their current potential.


We want every child to be able to extend his or herself beyond what they are capable of achieving today. To do that, we need the most innovative curriculum, the best teachers, the best administrators and the best communities to foster that development and growth.

Who We Are


About the Woodland Hills School District


The Woodland Hills School District encompasses many of the boroughs east of the City of Pittsburgh, covering 13.5 square miles. It serves a population of over 50,000 residents, which is nearly one-fifth the size of the City of Pittsburgh and is one of the largest school districts in Western Pennsylvania.


Its close proximity to Downtown Pittsburgh allows for countless educational, cultural, social and employment opportunities. Woodland Hills also is located minutes from some of the top colleges and universities in the country: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Point Park University and Duquesne University. Approximately 4,500 students are served by Woodland Hills, providing them with opportunities to develop educationally, athletically, artistically and socially.


Five schools comprise the Woodland Hills School District: Edgewood Elementary STEAM Academy (Pre-K - 5), Turtle Creek Elementary STEAM Academy (Pre-K - 5), Wilkins Elementary STEAM Academy (Pre-K - 5), Woodland Hills Intermediate School (6-8), Woodland Hills High School (9-12).



Visit the Woodland Hills School District Website here

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