Left to Right: Holly Vetter, Marcus Walker, Delanie Heller, Maya Beckley,
Ravyn Brown, Sasha Erbeldinger, Noah Marini, Truong An Le,
Emma Papariella, KeShawn Davis

Congratulations to the 2021

Scholarship Recipients!

The Foundation recognizes the difficulty that today's students face in finding financial assistance while entering the career paths of their choice. We are proud to help deserving students of the Woodland Hills School District achieve their full potential. To-date, over 65 scholarships totaling $100,000 have been awarded for post-secondary education including technical, vocational, and baccalaureate degrees. Thank you to all of our Scholarship Donors, who make these scholarships possible each year.

Fund a Scholarship

Helping students at Woodland Hills achieve their dreams is easier than you might think! Our staff is here to get the help you need to quickly set up a Scholarship Fund. Our committee works tirelessly to be sure information is distributed to guidance counselors and potential applicants; applications are processed promptly and contain complete information; checks are written and gifts acknowledged promptly when the fund receives donations.

Specifically, we will work with you to:

  • Establish the amount/set a budget

  • Determine if the scholarship will be awarded yearly or if it will be a one-time scholarship

  • Establish eligibility requirements

To learn more, download our Guide to Establishing a Scholarship


If you are interested in receiving more information or setting up a scholarship...and setting up our students for success...please contact Jennifer Trehar

Apply for a Scholarship


Students in their Senior Year of High School at Woodland Hills School District are invited to apply.  There are currently ten scholarships available.  Each scholarship has a different award amount, guidelines and criteria.

Students should carefully read through each of the scholarship guidelines to determine which scholarship suits them best.  Additionally, students are permitted to apply for multiple scholarships.

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship should visit our new Student Portal

Scholarship applications ARE NOW OPEN.


Review committees select recipients based on information submitted by the applicant (but names are blacked out). Some scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such as enrollment at a particular college or specializing in a particular field of study. Committees make their selections and the recipient is notified prior to the annual Woodland Hills School District Awards Banquet.


Any additional questions or clarifications may be addressed to Jennifer Trehar

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Congratulations to the 2019

Scholarship Recipients!

​​Darcy Lynne Herman Scholarship

Chrystina Szuminsky


Julia Anne McCool Scholarship

Ava Karas


Barrie and Arleen Bartulski Scholarship

Hailey Sanoske


Colleen Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

Anna Fisher


2019 Debbie Spahr Thames Memorial Scholarship

Charles Hanchett


2019 Woodland Hills Foundation Senior Scholarship

Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis, Ava Karas, Chrystina Szumi

Pictured from left to right: Alexis Davis, Ava Karas, Anna Fisher, Chrystina Szuminsky and Charles Hanchett. (Not pictured: Hailey Sanoske)


The Barrie and Arleen Bartulski Scholarship
for Academic Excellence

Anthony Hill

The Patti Feishen Zollner Scholarship

Katie Hoener

​The Woodland Hills Foundation Senior Scholarship

Alex Lott

Congratulations to the 2020

Scholarship Recipients!

Group Photo Blank.jpg

Pictured from left to right: Anthony Hill, Katie Hoener, Alex Lott, Trinity Cioppa, Mark Goggin, Tyler Bindas

The Colleen E. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

The WHF Class of 1990 Debbie Spahr Thames Memorial Scholarship

Trinity Cioppa

​The Julia Anne McCool Memorial Scholarship for the Arts and Humanities

Mark Goggin

The Darcy Lynne Herman Scholarship

Tyler Bindas


Congratulations to the 2018

Scholarship Recipients!

Julia Anne McCool Memorial Scholarship

for the Arts & Humanities:
Madeline Hilf


The Nancy Lazaro Memorial Scholarship:
Claire Bachtell

Darcy Lynne Herman Scholarship:
Shane Fogarty


Darcy Lynne Herman Scholarship:
Olivia Kunkel


The Eileen Lazaro Memorial Scholarship:
AJ Prestogeorge

The Barrie and Arleen Bartulski Scholarship for Academic Excellence:
Kyal Massie


The  Debbie Spahr Thames Memorial Scholarship:
Elise Jenkins


The Woodland Hills Foundation Senior Scholarship
Jaelinne Harris