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Corporate Sponsorship: Mutual Benefits

Enhance your visibility in the Woodland Hills community and send a powerful message to our residents by partnering with the Woodland Hills Foundation.


Our corporate sponsorship program is an opportunity for your company to align with the trusted brand of the Woodland Hills Foundation  and increase your company’s visibility as a supporter of the Woodland Hills School District in our community. Become an annual sponsor with a single donation that gives your company year-round exposure OR sponsor individual events to show your community support as a good corporate citizen.


  • The Woodland Hills Foundation has the support of over 2,000 individual donors in Woodland Hills

  • The Woodland Hills Foundation has a strong social media presence, reaching up to 17,000 unique individuals

  • The Woodland Hills Foundation E-Newsletter is received by 3,800 families in our community

  • Your sponsorship ensures that all our events and fundraising activities are completely underwritten so that donor dollars may be wisely invested in creating impact in our community and schools

  • Your company will experience the guaranteed reach of local marketing exposure through our website, social media platforms and more


Improved perception as a brand that gives back?

Exposure to potential new clientele and potential staff?

Opportunities to win over customers from competing brands?

Higher consumer willingness to support a business associated with social impact?

Higher satisfaction from employees who prefer to work for a socially responsible organization?

Recognition from the residents of Woodland Hills as an organization that gives back to the community where they are located?

As a business with major contracts in Woodland Hills, recogntion as a business that gives back to the community supporting those contracts?

Corporate Sponsorship may be Right for You!


WHY BECOME A CORPORATE SPONSOR? Because of support from Wolverines like you,

in 2022 the Woodland Hills Foundation will:


Award $16,700 in scholarships to Woodland Hills Seniors


We also introduced our new Education Series, offering expert assistance and advice to seniors applying to college as well as scholarships, student loans and more!

Click here to learn more about scholarships...


Offer safe, fun and free (or low-cost) family-fun and community outreach events to families in Woodland Hills!

From Trunk or Treat to the Harlem Wizards to in-classroom support for teachers, H.U.G.S. support lets our children know that their community is invested in their potential.

Click here to learn more about H.U.G.S....


Provide tools and grants for teachers and classrooms in Woodland Hills

Our Dream Book and Mini Grant programs offer support for teachers' innovative ideas when there isn't money available in the District's budget. Without this funding, some of the students and families favorite programs might not exist.

Click here to learn more about Mini-Grants

Click here to learn more about the Dream Book


Provide much-needed support for special projects in the District.

We pride ourselves on answering the call when needed! When principals, staff and teachers have an immediate fundraising or volunteer need, or need for social media support, the Foundation is here to help, even when the need doesn't fit into our typical programming. We assist the District in countless ways throughout the year.

Click here to learn more about some of the other ways the Foundation helps the Woodland Hills School District

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