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Available Scholarships: Who Should Apply?


Students in their Senior Year of High School at Woodland Hills School District are invited to apply.  There are currently thirteen  scholarships available (some scholarships have multiple awards). Each scholarship has a different award amount, guidelines and criteria. 

Students should carefully read through each of the scholarship guidelines to determine which scholarship suits them best.  Additionally, students are permitted to apply for multiple scholarships.

Scholarship applications ARE NOW OPEN!


Letters of Recommendation

If an application does require a Letter of Recommendation, students may send the person from whom they are requesting a letter the link to our Letters of Recommendation page:

Once there, they will be able to easily upload or email a letter of recommendation directly to the Foundation.

Financial Needs Statement

Some applications also require a Financial Needs Statement.  Writing this statement should not be a burden.  Please click the Financial Needs Statement link above for a short guide/template for writing your statement. Check the application for which you wish to apply and check to see if your application requires the Financial Needs Statement.  If it does, you should have your statement ready before you apply.



Any additional questions or clarifications may be addressed to Jennifer Trehar

How do We Choose a Winner?

Review committees select recipients based on information submitted by the applicant (but names are blacked out). Some scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such as enrollment at a particular college or specializing in a particular field of study. Committees make their selections and the recipients will be notified at a date to be determined.  



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