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On behalf of the Woodland Hills Foundation and our board; and the students, staff, teachers and all those we serve, thank you for your generous support of the Woodland Hills Foundation Chromebook Fund. The response to the Foundation and District’s appeal for funding has been astounding.  From parents to alumni; private businesses to corporations; politicians, foundations and even private donors who are far removed from the district, those who answered the call have one resounding belief in common: that every child has the potential for success and that access to a strong public education is essential to the individual and collective well-being of our community.


The Woodland Hills School District’s commitment to our students has been unwavering in the wake of the pandemic. When met with the uncertainty of “if” or “when” students would return to school, High School Principal Dr. Phillip Woods saw a need and took action, instigating a movement, the likes of which had not been seen in Woodland Hills. Thank you, Principal Woods, for inspiring us. You have awakened a spark in the hearts of our community, proving our Village is stronger than any virus.


Thank you also to the District’s School Board and Administration for acting quickly on behalf of our students to revise and prioritize budgets and find funds to ensure that every student in the district had access to the appropriate technology in order to complete the school year. Your leadership has ensured that every child in Woodland Hills can continue to learn without disruption and has reaffirmed what we already knew - that the students of Woodland Hills and their well-being is your number one priority.


Now, more than ever, I am proud to be a part of the Woodland Hills Foundation and a community that values public education as one of our countries’ most vital institutions. It is so inspiring to witness the Village come together in support of our youth. The entire community has proven that we are stronger than any obstacles placed before us.   Rather than divide us, our shared concerns for the future have brought us together and have become the impetus for a re-energized and re-focused commitment to education in the Woodland Hills School District.


Thank you to each and every one of you who acted in support of our children.  You have not only ensured that every student in the Woodland Hills School District is afforded with the same opportunities for success as their peers in other schools; you have demonstrated to the entire community of Pittsburgh and beyond that our children are worth fighting for. May you all be safe, healthy and happy and today celebrate yourself as a hero for our children.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Steven T. Gough


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