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Starry Night Gala


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Are you a student at Woodland Hills High School? Are you an art student or enjoy  making visual art? Do you want over 3,000 parents, teachers, business owners, church groups and more to see YOUR art? How about an extra $50.00+?


WHAT IT IS: This is your chance to be featured during the Woodland Hills Foundation’s 2024 Gala (To be announced soon!). Create a piece of art (using our guidelines and theme) and it could be featured on the cover of our Gala Invitation. Just complete your art by the due date and we will feature all entries on our social media pages and website throughout December. The public will be asked to vote for their favorite piece and can even share your art on their own pages to help you get more votes! You should be prepared to share your image on social media and ask your friends and family to share your posts as well! The Foundation will create posts for you to share, along with a link to vote for your piece.

PRIZES: The first place winner will be featured on our Gala Invitation, website and all media for the event!  Plus, each of the top three winners will receive $50 and  have their art included in our Silent Auction during our fundraising gala. Guests will bid on your art and will take home your piece to own. In addition to receiving $50, you will also receive 10% of the winning bid.

DEADLINE: Friday, December 1, 2023; Voting to begin early December

THEME: Your interpretation of “A Night Under the Stars”. What comes to mind when you think of a starry night or a night under the stars? It’s up to you to create a piece that captures the essence of our theme!  All art will be collected at your school on Friday, December 1, 2023 to be photographed. Once voting is completed, the winners’ pieces will become the property of the Woodland Hills Foundation to be auctioned during our Gala. Remaining entries will be returned to the owners’ school.


  • Must be enrolled at Woodland Hills Senior High School

  • The Foundation will provide you with an 8x10 canvas; Alternatively, you may use your own canvas but please ensure the canvas is AT LEAST 8x10

  • Canvases can be picked up in Mr. Mehalik's or Ms. Buzzeo's classrooms

  • You may use any medium of your choice(oil paint, acrylics, watercolor, pencil, ink, pastels, collage, etc.)

  • Your art should cover the ENTIRE canvas but please leave room for wording to be added digitally at the top or bottom of your canvas (approximately 1/4 of the canvas); Please see samples below

  • You must create a piece of art using our theme of "A Night Under the Stars"

  • Do NOT create a box on your canvas; Wording will be added DIGITALLY. Your original artwork (without wording) will be included in our silent auction

  • Please include your name, grade and phone number where you can be reached along with your artwork (please add your information to a slip of paper and tape it to the back of your art

  • The winning three pieces become the property of the Woodland Hills Foundation until their auctioned off during our gala.

Questions? or call 1-888-281-3241


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