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Announcing the H.U.G.S. Summer Series:

As part of the Foundation's mission of providing free and low-cost events to the community, H.U.G.S. has created the H.U.G.S. Kona & Kickball Summer Series.

This series includes kickball games for residents of Woodland Hills ages 17 and under.

Participation is free!

FREE Kona Ice will be given to the first 50 kids to arrive to each event!  Kona Ice will also be offered for sale for all others.  Prices range from $3 - $5.  Cash or check is preferred.

The Summer Series is weather permitting. If an event is cancelled, it will be announced here and on our
Facebook Page so be sure to check before the event.

Stay up to date on all of our events by Following the H.U.G.S. Facebook Page here!

Questions? Interested in volunteering? Contact Jennifer Trehar at jennifer.whfoundation@gmail.com or call 1-888-281-3241


Why Donate?

At H.U.G.S., we believe:

  • Families and members of the community are our partners.

  • We value the participation of all members of the Woodland Hills Community

  • Volunteers possess unique leadership characteristics as well as talents and skills that have the capacity to enrich district wide educational environments.

  • A robust volunteer program contributes to the overall educational success of students, schools, and the school district.

  • Safety and security will remain paramount.

  • We will remain appreciative of the volunteers who are committed to devoting time engaged in service to the district


We are committed to providing free or low-cost events to the community.

The H.U.G.S. Summer Series is an opportunity to provide FREE, SAFE and FUN activities for students who are residents of Woodland Hills!

Plus, H.U.G.S. is run entirely by volunteers from right here in our own community! They are our teachers, parents, neighbors.  And it is so important for the kids in our community to see volunteers working to improve their lives and school/social experiences and to see the value in giving back to their community. 


Together, we are working to create a community of service and we are committed to helping to instill those values in our children.


We NEED YOUR HELP to make the H.U.G.S. Summer Series a Success!


Every child is a winner at H.U.G.S. Kona & Kickball, so we need fun prizes! Your donation will help us purchase games, toys, prizes and other treats!

We are also accepting in-kind donations! Donate your unused gift cards, amusement park or movie tickets, toys, crafts and more!

Help us bring safe summer fun to children in Woodland Hills!

To make a donation of cash, click the button below.


Donate Goods

At H.U.G.S., we are always looking for donations of goods and services!

Maybe you own a business that can provide a gift certificate?

Can your business provide magnets or pens or pencils? Or better yet, maybe you can underwrite the cost of t-shirts or other branded giveaways?

And you don't have to be a business owner to help! Do you have any unused gift cards from the holidays? Perhaps some toys your child never played with?

Every little bit helps!

Donate your unused gift cards, amusement park or movie tickets, toys, crafts and more!

If you have goods you would like to donate, email Jennifer Trehar or call 1-888-281-3241



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